Monday, April 7, 2014

Here Comes Maura Cottontail!

 Hippity Hoppity, Easter's On Its Way!

Are you hosting this year?

Are you ready? Allow me to help ...

this needn't be you! let me help
I can:

  • Clean your home before company arrives
  • Shop
  • Fill Easter Eggs (and hide them)
  • Serve Easter Dinner
  • Wash Easter Dinner dishes
  • Corral children
  • Clean the house after company leaves
  • Pick up loved ones from airport/train/bus
  • Transport Grandma from her assisted living
  • Designated drive
  • ... whatever else makes your life easier!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mud Purging -- let's start a new tradition!

... an' it ain't goin' nowhere!
Mud Season~ it's been around a long time
How will you spend Mud Season? 
Not snow shoeing, or skiing, or on your snow machine ...
...You won't be hiking or putting in your garden yet, either

you surely aren't swimming or basking in the sun

make the best of this enforced down time --

Get rid of all the stuff that piled up all winter

If you are like most of us, you found it too cold to spend time in the garage
or basement, attic, or shed ...
and chucked or hurled things in their vicinity
and now it's all a heap

I will help you decide what to throw and what to keep
Organize what you choose to stay
Dispose of what you no longer need

YOU get more space in your home
So you can relax and enjoy

Then when Spring comes around for real
you'll be ready to clean all the nooks and crannies
without all that junk in your way

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Cleaning! ... umm ... MUD Season Cleaning!

this will melt before you know it ...
and THIS will be upon us!

Pay no attention to the snow still on the ground ... or new flakes coming down from the sky ...

... it's spring!
time to open the shutters, air out the house, get rid of clutter, clean nooks n' crannies!

The snow will melt away and bring about mud season (flatlanders, look it up) ... 
no snow or ice sports anymore, but no summer activities yet, either, what to do?!

perfect time to clear out garages/basements/attics/sheds/closets 
so when the weather is warm you are done with it and can relax and enjoy spring and summer

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Win A Free Hour Of Service!

Help get the Maura: At Your Service facebook page to 400 Likes

Simply Like the page yourself and invite your friends 
if 400th person is someone you invited, you win!

Bonus: If you have already referred someone who hired Maura: At Your Service and the 400th person was invited by you, you win two hours of service

**the Invite Your Friends To Like Maura: At Your Service is in the right column of the facebook page

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Picture Scanning

As the eleventh child of the man who put the "papa" in Paparazzi 
(and we inherited his shutterbugness) 
I know from photos -- lots and lots of photos

Boxes and boxes of photos

For a while I allowed them to take up space in my home, to sit in boxes year after year, 
being dragged along on moves ... no one looking at them 

I solved that problem by scanning them into my computer and put them on a flash drive

brother mark #30
my paternal grandfather
now the scanned pictures:  
  1. do note take up space in my home
  2. won't fade and degrade over time
  3. are able to be cropped and edited
  4. used for a craft or put in a card ...
  5. ... or given away
  6. are safe from water damage
  7. can be used in a slide show
  8. are easy to take along on a move ...
  9. ... to bring on trip to show others
  10. can be shared on social media and genealogy sites
  11. are easily printed at a store or home
  12. won't get burned in a house fire                                                                                              

indiana & oscar

I can Scan yours, too

by toddler nephew

Family photos, snaps of friends, team pictures, ephemera, kids' artwork ... 

Simply give the photographs to me along with a flash drive (or I can buy you one) ... and I will scan and save them all

       I can give you the photos back, or I can dispose of them for you 
            guaranteeing they will never clutter your home again

brother max with his wrench
that's me out of uniform

25 cents per photo

up to 8 x 10

Monday, January 13, 2014

BARTER list -- some of the things I will work in exchange for

Upon request I have set to paper a list of items I am willing to barter my services for.

The value placed on your items is at my discretion, and I will only be able to barter when my finances allow. There will be times I decline an offer because I need to focus on cash paying work to stay in the black.

1. Desk (modest size for apartment)      
2. Vintage Fisher Price Little People
3. Griswold cast iron skillets
4. Restaurant quality food and cocktail trays
5. Quality flashlights, hanging light, spot light
6. Metal shovel with flat head (not spade)
7. Sand/salt mix for driveways
8. Step ladder
9. Tools
10. Ziplock bags: gallon sized or larger ... and space bags (kind you vacuum out air)    
11. Food scale (a good one, not dollar store)
12. ... ... ... 
13. Muck boots: women's size 10
14. Rain boots: women's size 10
15. Wet/dry vacuum
16. Boat: like dory or old fishing boat with little cube for person (project, needn't be seaworthy)
17. Weedwhacker, gas/oil (no plugs)
18. Hedge trimmers
19. Lawn mower
20. Wheel barrow
21. Double hung windows
22. Subzero sleeping bag
23. Snow boots, women's size 10
24. Coat good for sledding, women's medium (5'7" weight proportionate)
25. Backpack with lots of pockets
26. Digital camera (either very small point/shoot or large professional)
27. Loppers
28. Log splitter
29. Queen bed frame
30. Small book shelves
31. Wall shelves
32. Adirondack chairs
33. Deacons bench
34. Tall/narrow bench with hooks for coats
35. Roof rack for Ford Taurus
36. Roof top carrier for Ford Taurus
37. Trailer hitch for Ford Taurus
38. Hitch cargo carrier for Ford Taurus
39. Dirt Devil or Dustbuster hand held
40. Banjo
41. Outdoor thermometer -- large one to put in yard, not hang by door
42. Supplies for panning for gold
43. Massage table
44. Steamer iron like thing to get wrinkles from clothes while they're hanging
45. Ice skates, women's size 10 1/2
46. Ice lute
47. Tire chains for Ford Taurus, easy on/off for occasional use
48. Cleats for footwear (for ice)
49. Slide for children's play house
50. Snow shoes
51. Cross Country skis
52. Toboggan
53. Air mattress, quality one, not Ocean State
54. Laptop (modern, one that gets wifi)
55. Clarinet
56. Tires 215/60 R16 or 225/60 R16
57. Train set -- tracks, engines, etc. (must work)
58. Can you build me a small covered bridge to go over a small culvert?
59. YOUR services: oil/fluid change? massage? fix car's remote starter? what do you do for a living?
60. Space heaters
61. Document shredder -- high capacity
62. Black & Decker toaster oven that can hang from beneath a cabinet AND the rack to hang it from
63. ... ... surprise me ... what cool things have you got?!

The following are items are not valuable enough to accept as payment for work, but they can be used as travel fees (not gas, just travel) or to tempt me to stay longer when arranged time frame has run out.  

Again, these can only be accepted when my own finances allow.

1. Thermos
2. Small toy horses for play stable
3. Tea kettle
4. Apples to Apples
5. Card table
6. Coffee maker
7. Food service items: ramakins, bread baskets, appetizer dishes, cloth napkins, aprons, etc.
8. Tow rope
9. Pet care supplies
10. Puppets
11. Come spring: gardening supplies and fishing gear
12. Camping gear
13. Dinosaurs
14. Toys in general preschool and up
15. Ice cream maker
16. Noise machine for sleeping (waves, white noise, etc)
17. Metal detector
18. Waffle iron
19. Heated seat cover for car
20. ... ... surprise me, what cool things have you got?

Needless to say, everything should be clean, in good repair and functioning.

Photos of the items in advance are most appreciated.

Things I Got From My Bartering List (meaning I don't need it anymore):

Work Boots!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What Are Your New Year Resolutions?

I can help you keep your resolutions

  1. Keep house clean (I'll clean every nook and cranny in my "Monster Cleanings", then you just need to maintain it
  2. Go on more date-nights with your honey (leave the kids with me)
  3. Save money to travel/buy/attend (I will purge your home, then sell your unneeded valuables for you)
  4. ... what else ...?

whatever you don't have the time, stomach, skill, inclination, or patience to do for yourself ~ I'm here to help make 2014 the Year of Low Stress

Friday, December 6, 2013

Pre Christmas De Clutter

i am the blonde clutching a blonde doll

How many people are coming over for Christmas? 

... and you've how many chairs? 
oh, the extra seats are in the pig piled garage? 

I can organize and purge your garage/basement/attic 
and find all your lost treasures


Do your kids already have three bazillion toys lying around and will get more Christmas morning?  I will purge them, AND can sell/consign them for you to make a little money back

before: look at white bureau to right
after: see bureau, this is same room


Where will your guests sleep?  The guest room -- 
or should we say "I'll-deal-with-it-later" Room?

... after all, it is filled with toys, clothes, boxes, bags and 
projects you've been meaning to get to but never found the time

easy peasy for me to come over and tame the beast 
and have it homey and clean before company arrives

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Party Serving & Clean Up

Hosting a Christmas Party?
Instead of fretting over taking things from the oven, pouring drinks and clearing plates,
Have me do it all, grab yourself an eggnog and enjoy yourself ... 

then go to bed knowing there is no mess to face come morning

I will tend to the kitchen, bus the tables, serve the food and drinks
and take care of all the clean up

don't touch those greasy dishes!
that's what I am there for

Other services to consider:
  • de-cluttering your home pre party
  • cleaning your home
  • shopping for the event
  • designated driving post event
  • airport/bus/train pickup of guests
  • child care while you get ready
  • transport of dog to sitters so you don't have to
Available Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, too

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Consignment and On Line Yard Sales

Q: What's one of the biggest lies people tell themselves?
A: I'm going to have a Yard Sale!!

... um, no you're not ... you're going to stash bags, boxes and piles in your basement, closets, attic, garage, and any room in the house you find a foot of space ... 

then you'll pitch it in a pinch to get house cleaned up, and make not a penny for all that aggravation

But, that isn't how it HAS to be!

Have me sort the items for you, deciding what goes to thrift store/clothing bin and what is sale-able, then I can bring it to a consignment shop for you and/or sell it on line for you.

You get some cash and space, and I get an enjoyable day's pay.  Win-Win

Not limited to clothes! there is a market for everything

from sporting equipment to record albums, tools to toys, electronics to books
(some of you may recall my brief stint running a home school consignment shop in Bridgewater).

the bins given to me to sort through
mid list/pile making of clothes from the bins

"Pemberley" my little consignment shop

another view of my shop --
i loved that little coffee area

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thanksgiving is 19 Days, How's Your House Look?

Is this what your guest room looks like?

Are your counters and kitchen table filled with kids' school work and half done projects?

Is your living room cluttered with things you mean to get to?

yes, we can all get along!

Pre-Thanksgiving Cleaning is in order

I will declutter (haul it away, even) and clean your home

So you can impress your family and friends as well as have a place for them to sit and sleep

Ask me about Thanksgiving Dinner Serving, too --

wouldn't you like to sit down and enjoy your meal and not have to get folks seconds, wipe up spills, run out for more cider and -- ugh! -- do the dishes?!

Hire me for Thanksgiving Day!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Photos can be seen on Facebook

While I continue to rebuild my blog, photos of my work,                                                                         pets I've sat, children I've cared for etc. can be seen on my facebook page.

**you do NOT need a facebook account to view the photos

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Bear with me as I update 
and reconstruct my blog.

In the meantime,
check me out on facebook ...